Digital mode of teaching – Education through multimedia from LKG to STD V.

Excellent network of transportation.
Spacious and airy class rooms.

School is associated with ‘Boscosoft’ for its School – Parent Communication Programme.

Daily class activities such as homework, appreciation, concerns, absent, late, as well as wishes are sent as SMS. To have a personalized communication regular voice circulars are also used.


Apart from the academic achievements, opportunities are provided for tapping the students’ creativity, through extracurricular activities. Meritorious and commendable importance is given for sports and games to train students in various skills to promote a spirit of participation among students.

Training & Development

St. Joseph’s provide Extra Curricular Activities like

  • Classical dance
  • Yoga
  • Abacus class
  • Karate & Band classes
  • Scouts & Guides training
  • English and Tamil literary Associations
  • Science clubs and Quiz competitions.

The introduction of computer study, a new venture, is a very momentous one and the response to computer learning is more overwhelming and enthusiastic, since it projects for the students, a revealing glimpse of the many sided achievements in this temple of learning!

The performance of students in the midterm tests and terminal examinations is sent to parents through “Performance Appraisal Cards” for the careful follow-up-action! The fruitful outcome of the X & XII Public Exam Students of every academic year would mostly be centum!


In order to promote a healthy competitive spirit among the students to excel in studies, games and extra-curricular activities, the students and members of staff are grouped into four houses, with colours Namely:

  • Group A: Blue – St. Joseph
  • Group B: Yellow – St. Mary
  • Group C: Green – St. Assisi
  • Group D: Red – Infant Jesus

House animators and streamline activities of the Houses along with the House Captains and their Deputies. Inter-house competitions and inter-school competitions are also held in various disciplines and at the end of the academic year a “Rolling cup” for the best-house of the year is awarded! These kind of eminent attempts of the students in the games field encourage the students to face the zonal, district and state level sports meet and secure mentionable championships!

Leave & Late, Attendance

All the leaves, except sudden illness should be taken with prior permission from the Principal or should inform the Principal within three days. Any leave for more than three days and lack of attendance of the students would be seriously dealt with the Principal.

The students who absent themselves from classes will not be allowed to attend the classes without producing leave letter from the parent or guardian.

Students who absent themselves for 15 consecutive days without prior permission will be seriously dealt in and their names will be struck out from the roll. Leave is granted only at the written request of the parent or guardian.

Attendance will be taken five minutes after every session. Those students who are not present during the roll calls will be marked absent.

Attendance of students on the official functions like the School Day, Independence Day, Sports Day, and Republic Day is compulsory. Absentees on account of illness must produce Medical Certificate.

Admissions & Withdrawals

Applications for admissions and withdrawals must be made in the prescribed form and signed by parent or guardian.

Application for Transfer Certificate must be made through written request to Principal by the parent or guardian of the student.

No Certificate of any kind will be given to the students who have any form of arrears.

Discontinued or dismissed or failed students will not be given PROMOTED TRANSFER CERTIFICATE.


The School Diary must be brought to school on all working days.

Punctuality is a must.

No student will be allowed to leave the school premises without prior permission of Principal and permission is granted only on producing a letter of request from the parent of guardian.

Students are advised not to bring valuables such as gold chain, camera, tape-recorder, costly watches or other articles to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of the student’s belongings.

Students suffering from serious and contagious disease will not be permitted to attend the classes.

The spoken language in the campus is English.

Lunch should be provided in a tiffin carrier marked with name, class of the student and also a plastic table cloth or mat to avoid staining the surrounding.

Any student involving in the following acts will be suspended from the school.

They are as follows:

  1. Copying and helping others to copy; other malpractices such as altering marks and forging signatures.
  2. Physical Violence – Fighting with other students causing serious injuries, etc.
  3. Stealing things – inside and outside the school.
  4. Use of vulgar language and indecent behaviour.
  5. Possession of materials of low moral value or distracting students in the class. (books and pictures).
  6. Disrespect for School Authorities and Teachers.
  7. Consistent absence for more than 5 days without any information or prior permission.
  8. Unruly behavior at Bus-stop or while travelling, which tarnishes the reputation of the school.
  9. After the entry into school, primary students can leave the campus at 3.20 P.M and Matric & Hr.Sec. at 4.30 P.M and not before that without prior permission.
  10. Absence on important school functions without prior permission or information on that day.

With the untiring effort of able management, staff and students, we who had a humble beginning in this direction still continue our motivating activities at this juncture, and hope to continue in the coming years too and pray our efforts will bear fruits!

This way, you

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will not need to figure where to begin or what to alter.