Education is a force that shakes off the lethargy. Education urges people to be somebody- good, great, powerful and wise as the great Shakespeare has said: “Why then, the world’s mine oyster Which I, with my sword, will open, It cuts like a sword, the outer shell, to bring The inner pearl out.

The one who has renounced his or her material life is also not free from educational ambition, since education leads to seek the ultimate truth and pleasure that defies description and brings all the bounteous things in life. Education is the crown of knowledge and imparts spontaneous overflow of vivacity and novelty of youth, even to old age. We should realize that hard work coupled with patience and perseverance is alone at the root of success for the sake of noble cause of achieving educational enlightenment. An eminent educationalist may become the object of admiration; people may worship and emulate him to a level of living legend. His life for an hour dedicated in the educational service of humanity is worthy than a whole life devoid of service and sacrifice. Literacy brings refreshing breeze into the life and enables us to taste the nectar in our life ad witness the paradise in our mind. Descriptive, narrative, imaginative, expository, reflective and argumentative are the unifying bonds of irrepressible joy of literacy. So, to come to a complimentary close, let’s have the educational value as the profession of our hearts and plan for 100% literacy in India, since we wish to see people hale and hearty, sweet and smiling!